A Year Traveling Around Indonesia

Beginning in June, join me for 360 days as I travel around the wonderfully diverse country of Indonesia. During that time I’ll be making a full circle (360 degrees) of the Indonesian Archipelago, so you might call this project Indonesia 360/360.


  1. Mariana Gonzalez

    Go Rick!!! you have all my support and good vibes! You are about to start a wonderful adventure and Im sooo happy for you!! Who knows, maybe by May you´ll convince me to go with u!!! :D ur plan sounds great!

    I can´t wait!! :)

  2. Donna

    I’m looking forward to sharing this adventure with you through your writing. Be safe and may God bless your journey!

  3. Melissa Rebecca

    I am an Indonesian yet the idea of traveling around this country haven’t crossed my mind. I truly support your journey and hope someday I will have the same opportunity to travel around this beautiful country. Good luck and do keep us updated and informed of those moments and beauty you experience.

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