Indonesia A to Z

It’s nearly June and my one-year long trip around Indonesia will be starting soon. I’ve been thinking about all the great things to see and do when touring Indonesia and came up with the following A to Z list of what to see and do in Indonesia.

Aceh – Scuba diving, tribal culture, white sand beaches, and highlands.
Bali – All that is uniquely Balinese.
Coffee Plantations – Indonesia produces some of the most robust coffee in the world.
Dance – Hundreds of traditional tribal dances.
Equator – Indonesia straddles the equator – tropical weather – hot and wet or hotter and dry.
Festivals – Indonesia’s 300+ ethnic groups love to remember their roots.
Gunung Krakatau – The most famous volcano in the world.
Hot springs – Indonesia’s many volcanoes provide abundant hot springs.
Islam – The majority religion, but not the basis of government.
Jakarta – Indonesia’s swollen capital.
Kalimantan – One of the main Indonesian islands, and a rugged tropical rainforest.
Lombok – A tropical paradise and busy tourist destination.
Music – Traditional symphonies abound.
National parks – Enough of them to keep a naturalist happy for decades.
Orang-utans – Only found in Indonesia.
Pangandaran – Java’s top beach destination.
Quiet – With over 12,000 uninhabited islands, peace and quiet is easy to find.
Rice – The Indonesian staple.
Sumatra – Wild and wonderful – home of Lake Toba.
Temples – Indonesia has a rich religious history.
Ubud – The laid back arts and crafts center of Bali.
Volcanoes – more than 150.
Wildlife – Many species are endemic.
X – Marks the spot – GoTravelIndonesia!
Yogyakarta – Jogya -  An important center of culture and education.
Zoos – Indonesia’s aren’t world class, but worth a visit.

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