Batu Karas Accommodation

There are just a few accommodation options in Batu Karas. The majority of visitors to Batu Karas are Indonesians, so avoid arriving on weekends, or public holidays, unless you book ahead – Batu Karas hotels fill up quickly at these times.

During busy, holiday periods, hotel rates can quadruple.

Bonsai Bungalows, Java Cove, and Teratai Hotel are the only hotels in the center of the village, near the best surf break. The others are over the hill to the north towards the secondary surf (reef) break.

batu karas hotel,bonsai bungalows
Bonsai Bungalows

This Australian owned hotel is my top choice. It’s extremely well managed, clean, and has a very helpful staff. Its design also blends well with the rustic atmosphere of Batu Karas.

They have four rooms with twin beds, and two large rooms that sleep six. Air conditioning and hot water showers are available. Rates start at Rp.150,000 for a fan room with a cold shower – there is a community hot shower that everyone has access to at no additional charge. Complementary coffee will be waiting for you every morning on your veranda.

Phone:+62 26 5709 3199

batu karas hotel,java cove
Java Cove

As far upscale as you can go in Batu Karas, Australian owned Java Cove offers plush, air conditioned rooms, with cable TV, and hot water for Rp.900,000. They have other room options all along the price scale, down to a fan room, with cold water shower for Rp.150,000. Their restaurant serves up fresh bread flown in from Bandung, and the best (and only) pizza and western breakfast in town.

Phone:+62 26 708 2020

teratai hotel batu karas, batu karas hotel
Teratai Hotel

Teratai is getting all new rooms that are scheduled to be complete 12 September, 2010. They have twin rooms and bungalows with fan and cold water showers from Rp.150,000. Leni, the owner, is a delight.

Phone:+62 26 5708 2024, +62 81 662 3372

sindang asih hotel, batu karas hotel
Sindang Asih

This is closer to a home stay than a hotel – a very friendly family offers three small, fairly new rooms with fan and cold water shower for Rp.150,000. On occasion, they may invite you for dinner with the family.

Phone:+62 81 3951 42258

sunrise resort Batu Karas,batu karas hotel
Sunrise Resort

Batu Karas’s newest luxury option, Australian owned Sunrise Resort, will offer plush rooms with all the amenities. It’s scheduled to open later this year.

pondok putri hotel, batu karas hotel
Pondok Putri Hotel

This is a simple, clean mid-range hotel. It has air conditioned rooms, hot water showers, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and the only bar in town. Rates start at Rp.260,000. The entire top floor is a family suite with a living room, study, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and two balconies that goes for Rp.1,000,000 a night.

Phone:+62 81 323 106 115, +62 81 323 085 284

reef hotel batu karas, batu karas hotel
Reef Hotel

Reef Hotel is right across from the reef break at the north end of the village. They are currently doing some renovations, so it should be a bit nicer than it was in the past. They have simple fan rooms with cold water showers for Rp.200,000. Their restaurant serves up the normal traveler’s menu at fair prices.

Phone:+62 81 3203 40193


  1. Ritesh

    Hi Rick,

    I absolutely love the level of detail you have provided on your blog! Am having a hard time figuring out where to spend a couple of weeks surfing in Indonesia, but Batu Karas sounds amazing and this may be it. I was wondering if I could ask you if you knew of any bungalows for rent over there? I am a writer – and so in addition to surfing every day I need internet access and a desk and chair I can write on. Would you know of such a place?



  2. Rick Carter

    Hi Ritesh, thanks for the complements! I would suggest staying at at either Java Cove or Bonsai Bungalows. Both have good places for you to write.

  3. chris

    hey rick and blog-users,
    very nice blog with a lot of information!
    i am also planning a trip to batu in march. dont know yet where to stay, the online rates of javacove look a bit higher than 150000 rp…?
    if anyone wants to share a taxi from jakarta on the first of march…let me know!

  4. JavaCove

    Hi Chris,
    The JavaCove rooms priced at Rp150,000 are being renovated and will re-open in May 2011 with a new look and feel. The rooms will be priced for the budget-conscious, with basic but quality facilities: spotlessly clean bathrooms with hot water shower, in-room safe, comfy beds and a private terrace with a funky daybed. Price will be Rp260,000 including tea/coffee and a muffin served on your terrace each morning, and you’ll even get pampered with a fresh lime welcome drink and cool refresher towel at check-in!

  5. nana

    google pictures for checking accomodation by the beach and watch waves from balcony (villa monyet batukaras).

  6. Suzanne

    Do you suggest the flight from Jakarta or to travel by road to Batu Kara?? Also, is it possible to get from there to Bali??thanks

  7. Otto

    Hai Rick,
    Do you have info which place is a pet-friendly.
    I’ve checked java cove, nice place but can’t take my dogs there….

    ThankYou:) I plan to go there tomorrow… Quick and emergency holiday hahaha, that’s why I could find anyone to look after them..

  8. villa monyet batukaras

    Villa monyet is surrounded by organic green lush flowery garden.

    It is a place where you can relax by the beach, swing on the hammock on the rooms’ balcony and read your favourite books.

    Bungalows are traditional design style and we use local material such as alang-alang (roof made from palm leafs), bamboo and wood.

    We give guests free tea, coffe,and drinking water at anytime. Guests’ jungle kitchen (if guest want to cook)and breakfast included.
    Surf at the reef break right in front of our bungalows, it is ideal more advance surfer, or walk to another surf point (15 minutes walk), it is ideal for beginner.

    We do barbeque night. The way we eat is unique, we serve nasiliwet (rice cooked in traditional wok) + fish or crabs barbeque on banana leafs, and guests eat together without spoon or fork, just with hands. And guests often fight over the food to get the best part of the fish (just like the way monkeys eat). That is why our place is called Villa Monyet.

    We also do surfing lesson, trip to secret surf spots, sunset river cruise, green canyon tour, green valley or ride bike around the village see of locals’ activities.

    We have 5 bungalows:
    *1.Reef Break bungalow,
    *2.Point Break Bungalow,
    *3.Organic Hut Bungalow,
    *4.Family surf Bungalow
    *5.Garden view room.

    email :

    +6287861356168 (nana)
    +6287882534246 (marianne),
    +6282118202789 (i’in)
    +6285223489218 (Apip Collins)

    have a good day & keep our world green

    villamonyet batukaras

  9. nano

    Villa Monyet Batukaras has individual bungalows with large flowery garden, so every guest will have privacy.
    Free Wifi in the Jungle kitchen where you have breakfast.
    Family friendly.
    Fresh tropical organic fruits that we pick from our large garden for breakfast + home made bread.

    Villa Monyet Batukaras can organise :
    *Green Canyon Trip
    *Green Valley Trip
    *Country Side tour with bicycles
    *Sunset trip on the boat to the blue lagoon, go along Green Canyon river with the view of green palms.
    *Surfing Lesson with experienced and friendly local surf instructors
    *Surf trip to secret spots
    *Special Monkeys’ Feast (BBQ night at Villa monyet), minimum 4 people

    e-mail :
    +62 8226 0000 079 (Nano)
    +62 8786 1356 168 (Ian)

  10. herbert

    Regarding pets. I’ve stayed at various villas in pangandaran with friends and my three small dogs without a problem but I really want to stay at Batu Karas. Any ideas where I can stay where dogs would be allowed. Cost is not a problem. Thanks

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