Eating in Traditional Sundanese Style in Bandung

Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
She could be the farmers wife, but today she's our waitress.

Traditional Sudanese dining is outdoors in a shelter called a Saung. There is usually a Saung in every rice field for the farmers to eat their meals in. At mealtime, the farmer’s wife brings the food out to the Saung for her husband.

Bandung is the center of Sundanese culture, so there are many restaurants that offer a traditional dining experience. Tops on my list is Sindang Reret Hotel and Restaurant in Ciwidey, a suburb of Bandung.

At Sindang Reret (Sundanese for “please stop by and see us”), you can choose to eat in a tropical garden, a rice field, or indoors on tables and chairs.

We chose the rice field.

Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
The view behind our Saung...
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
The view in front of our Saung...
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Heading for the barn...
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Looks and smells delicious....
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Hayam Beuleum Sinpang Reret - Grilled Chicken
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Serving it up...
Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Top left - Hayam Beuleum Sinpang Reret - Grilled Chicken, Top right - Tumis Tahu Kiciwis - Stir Fried Tofu with Vegetables, Kasreng - Fried Chips with Peanuts, and Sate Kambing - Grilled Lamb with Peanut Sauce. Bottom left - Goreng Luak Gurame - Fried Gurame Fish. Center - Cing Cau - Milk and Gelatin Appetizer. Bottom right - Kue Balok, or Bandros - Traditional Cake

This Sindang Reret is located on Jl. Raya Provinsi Ciwidey, Kab. Bandung. Phone: 022 592 8205

They have three other locations as well: Lembang – 022 278 6500, Bandung – 022 253 5050, Jakarta – 021 725 4459

Bandung Restaurant
Balibu Restaurant Bandung

In the photo above…

Top left is Terong Seuhah – Grilled Eggplant with Chili. In the center – Sate Kambing – Grilled Lamb with a sweet sauce, top right – Otak-Otak – Fishcake wrapped in banana leaves.

Center – Balibu is in an urban area. They have a small garden, as well as a dining room. The fountain on the left is where they catch the fish you order.

Bottom – On the right is a grilled Gurame fish, and on the left is Karedok – Raw Vegetable Salad.

Balibu is located on Jl.Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang. Phone: 022 278 9582

Traditional Sundanese Dining Bandung
Kampung Baso Restaurant

Kampung Baso is another quality Sundanese experience. It’s has a well manicured garden and a rich night time ambiance. They’re located on Jl. Setia Budhi, No. 316, Setia Budhi, Bandung. Phone: 022 2014628

One thing you can always count on with Sundanese food is rich flavor. It can be very spicy, but usually not overly so. They use a variety of spices that balance the flavors very nicely.

After you’ve worked very hard to learn enough Bahasa Indonesian to order a meal, some Sundanese restaurants will throw you a curve by writing their menu in Bahasa Sundanese. Don’t worry though, they’re happy to explain.

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