Shopping in Bandung

Bandung is shopping central. In addition to the hordes of Jakartans that flock here every weekend, as though Jakarta had no shopping options, there are multiple direct flights everyday from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur that are full of bargain hungry shoppers. Bandung has a number of uninspiring malls, but the real shopping bonanzas are found in the factory outlet stores.

The Best Shopping in Bandung

Jean Street Bandung Shopping
The superheroes of Jean Street.

Jean Street (Jl. Cihampelas) is where the super heroes gather to take advantage of the factory outlet jean bargains. Just off Jean Street, Cihampelas Walk is a trendy shopping and entertainment complex that’s popular with Bandung’s university crowd.

Dago Bandung Shopping

Dago (Jl. Dago) is packed with an eclectic mix of mid-range factory outlet clothing and shoes.

Riau Bandung Shopping

Riau (Jl. RE Martadinata) has more upscale designer clothing, and household goods factory outlets.

Rumah Mode Bandung Shopping
Rumah Mode

Rumah Mode (Jl. Setia Budhi ) is a large, factory outlet department store selling a large variety of clothing. It’s surrounded by cafes, making for a popular hangout.

paris van java bandung shopping
Paris Van Java

Paris Van Java is Bandung’s top mall. It includes designer shops, a café to fit every taste, and a cinemaplex.

SNEC Shoes Bandung Shopping
SNEC Shoes

Custom shoes bandung
Hand made...

SNEC shoes is a family business that offers custom shoes at very reasonable prices – Rp.150,000 to Rp.500,000. Just take a photo of the shoe you want, or choose from their extensive design collection, and they’ll make a pair custom fit just for you. Jl. Surya Sumantri No.60, Bandung. Phone:+62 22 7957 6718

Congo Bandung Shopping

Congo Solid Wood offers a wide variety of exotic solid wood furniture from around the world. The table on the left, in the above photo is made from Ebony wood, which is only found here in Indonesia and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It retails for Rp. 300 million. The table on the right is made from Lingua wood, and retails for Rp. 60 million.

Other Bandung Shopping Options

In addition to the outlet stores that made Bandung a shoppers paradise, there are a many, less inspiring shopping options in Bandung.

Bandung Indah Plaza (Jl. Merdeka) was Bandung’s first mall. It has been outpaced by more recent additions to Bandung’s shopping scene, but it does have a good mixture of local shops, and chain stores.

Bandung Electronics Center (Jl. Purnawarman) houses the best deals on everything electronic.

Bandung Trade Center (Jl. DR. Junjunan) is a crowded maze of small retailers – think flea market.

Istana Plaza (Jl. Pasir Kaliki) is a mid-range mall – ordinary, but does have an ice skating rink.

Bandung Super Mall (Jl. Gatot Soebroto) is just what the name implies. It’s the newest addition to the Bandung shopping scene. It has about 200 shops, a performance stage where they have live entertainment on weekends, and even a small amusement park for children.

After spending a few days shopping in Bandung, one thing was clear – if I couldn’t buy it here, I probably didn’t need it. If at all possible, come during the week. To say weekends are busy, would be an understatement. And, if you’re flying, mind those baggage weight limits!

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