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Bandung to Pangandaran

Traveling from Bandung to Pangandaran, I decided to try one of Indonesia’s small, regional airlines – Susi Air.

I found Bandung’s airport very impressive. It’s very comfortable and modern, despite its small size. Everyone was very friendly, and helpful. The baggage screeners even had a cheery disposition.

The airport at the other end is in Cijulang, about 25 km from Pangandaran. If you need transport to Pangandaran or Batu Karas, Susi Air offeres a shuttle service to either place for Rp.25,000 – schedule it when you buy the ticket. If you have another destination, There are a few ojeks (motor bike taxis) waiting outside.

The plane I was on was a fairly new, 12 seat Cessna Grand Caravan. From the time I bought my ticket, to I got off the plane in Pangandaran (Cijulang), the service was fantastic. I was late getting to the ticket office the day I bought my ticket, but my friend Tara called the ticket agent (a little Bahasa Indinesian helps), and she waited. The day of my flight, I arrived before the ticket counter opened so I went to the waiting area. When the ticket agent arrived, she came and got my bag, took it to the ticket counter and checked it in, then returned with the paperwork. I never had to even get up. The pilots were two guys from abroad, and also very friendly, as was the ground staff in Pangandaran (Cijulang).

Susi Air
Susi Air operates fairly new planes that are flown by experienced pilots, and equipped with modern electronic navigation.

In these days rude, impersonal service at major airports, and by the big airlines, flying between two regional airports on a small carrier was a flashback of how air travel used to be – enjoyable!

This trip is highly recommended for that reason alone.

But there’s more. The 40 minute flight is so much nicer than the 10 hour bus ride, and the scenery from the plane is beautiful.

Java View
Aerial view between Bandung and Pangandaran.

Java Mountains
Aerial view between Bandung and Pangandaran.

Java landscape
Aerial view between Bandung and Pangandaran.

Terraced rice paddies.
Terraced rice paddies.

South Java coast
South Java coast.

Susi Air has daily scheduled flights between Bandung and Pangandaran (Rp.280,000), Jakarta and Pangandaran (Rp.520,000), Jakarta and Bandung (Rp.250,000), and Jakarta and Cilacap (580,000). However, they need a minimum of two passengers on the flight, so some days they don’t fly. I had to wait one day for my flight.

Their call center number is: +62 811 212 3080 / 3090

Susi Air’s airport sales office numbers are: Jakarta – +62 811 212 3921 / 3922, Bandung – +62 811 212 3923 / 3924, Pangandaran – +62 811 212 3925 / 3926, Cilacap – +62 811 212 3927 / 3928