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Am I now a medical tourist?

medical tourist,medical tourism
Souvenir of Jogjakarta - I hope you don't have one of these!

Sometimes travel doesn’t go according to plan. Situations do arise when traveling that take you down a path you didn’t intend to go.

In my case, three spinal discs decided to compress the nerve that runs along my spine, making walking progressively more difficult until I could barely walk at all – it just took four weeks from the initial symptoms appearing to the point of walking only with extreme difficulty.

When my symptoms got to the point that prevented me from walking any distance at all, I was forced into a hospital, and into the hands of a neurologist, who would later pass my case onto a surgeon.

In a matter of a month, I went to a perfectly mobile person, who was enjoying traveling around Indonesia and writing about it, to someone who could barely walk, and having doctors tell him that immediate disc decompression surgery was necessary to prevent paralysis.

So what happened? I have degenerative disc disease and it simply progressed to the point that symptoms appeared. When they did appear, the symptoms appeared very aggressively.

Needless to say, my project of traveling around Indonesia for a year is going to be affected – to what extent I don’t know. One aspect of traveling I did not intend to write about was having surgery performed in a foreign country.

But, for the next couple of months I’m going to be walking down the path of a medical tourist. Hopefully I can provide a look inside the experience of medical treatment abroad (medical tourism) and help you decide if it’s for you, if you’re considering the option.

For the traveler who doesn’t want the operating room experience; those who prefer things like surfing and scuba diving, you’ll be reading the story of what happens when you have a medical emergency while you’re traveling, and you need immediate care.

Beyond the initial steps of getting the diagnosis, the next step is to contact the travel Insurance company. I have World Nomads travel insurance – I’ll be telling you what their claims process is like soon.

Thank you for following GoTravelIndonesia thus far! I hope you’ll continue to do so as the project evolves.