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Indonesian Street Food in Jakarta

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng topped with Kerupuk - adding a spoonful of Sambal.

Traditional foods are sold by street vendors all over Jakarta. There are two types of street food outlets to be found.

Warungs are simple, makeshift restaurants on the sidewalk, or side of the road.

Then, there are the roving vendors pushing their gerobak (carts). The food sold from a gerobak is either cooking as the vendor makes their rounds, or cooked at home.

There is a wide variety of street food available in Indonesia – a lot of it combines basic ingredients in different ways. If you know some basic food related words, you’ll have a good chance of figuring out what’s on offer.


  • Bakmi – a round Chinese wheat noodle.
  • Bihun – a very thin rice noodle similar in appearance to angel hair but the texture is a bit different. It’s very slightly crunchy when cooked.
  • Kwetiaw – a wide, flat rice noodle.
  • Mie – a round egg noodle similar to spaghetti.

Cooking Methods

  • Bacem – cooked in a sweet soy sauce.
  • Bakar – grilled.
  • Goreng – fried.
  • Rebus – boiled.


  • Asin – salty.
  • Cabai – chili.
  • Cabai Hijau – whole or sliced green chili.
  • Cabai Merah – whole or sliced red chili.
  • Gule – soup with a coconut broth.
  • Kerupuk – chips made of tapioca flour and fried in hot sand or oil.
  • Kremes (kremesan) – a dry, seasoned topping.
  • Longtong – compressed rice cut into cakes – served cold.
  • Nasi – white rice.
  • Penyet – mashed.
  • Sambal – chili sauce.
  • Sate – Grilled meat on a stick – served with peanut sauce and lontong.
  • Sayur – vegetable.
  • Sop – broth based soup similar to Soto.
  • Soto – broth based soup similar to Sop.
  • Touge – bean sprouts.


  • Ayam – Chicken.
  • Buntut – Oxtail.
  • Cumi – Squid.
  • IGA – Beef Ribs.
  • Ilan – Fish.
  • Kambing – Lamb.
  • Sapi – Beef.
  • Unang – Shrimp.


  • Hijau – Green.
  • Kuning – Yellow.
  • Merah – Red.


  • Ayam Goreng Kuning – chicken fried in Turmeric (yellow chicken).
  • Bacem Tofu – tofu cooked in a sweet soy sauce.
  • Bihun Goreng Ayam – fried bihun noodles with chicken.
  • Gado-Gado – a mixture of vegetables, dressed with peanut sauce.
  • Gule – soup with coconut broth.
  • Ketoprak – bihun noodles, tofu, touge (bean sprouts), peanut sauce, kerupuk.
  • Mie Ayam – mie noodles with chicken.
  • Mie goring – fried mie needles.
  • Nasi Goreng – fried rice.
  • Otak-otak panggang – a chewy fish cake wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled.
  • Pecel – traditional meal of mixed vegetables dressed with peanut sauce.
  • Pecel Ayam – a mixture of vegetables, dressed with peanut sauce, with chicken (ayam). It is sometimes served with tempe or tofu.
  • Pecel Le Le – a mixture of vegetables, dressed with peanut sauce, with Le Lee (a type of fish – ikan).
  • Sate – Chicken (ayam) – Lamb (kambing) –Squid (cumi) – Beef (sapi) – grilled on a stick.
  • Sop IGA Bakar – beef ribs, first stewed, then grilled.
  • Soto Ayam – chicken soup.
  • Soto IGA – beef rib (IGA) soup.
  • Tengkleng – a unique goat stew.
Jakarta street Food - Rujak
Rujak - Green, sour mango dipped in a mixture of salt and chili.

Enjoy your Indonesian street food experience!