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Attractions South of Bandung

To the south of Bandung, the West Javan countryside is rich with scenic beauty that is well worth the time to go and see.

Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is a volcanic crater that has a beautifully colored lake. Usually Turquoise, the lake has a serene atmosphere with the sun reflecting off the gemstone colored surface as the steam drifts idly by.

Kawah Putih
Steamy days...

Leaving Kawah Putih, and heading further south, you’ll pass through Rancabali’s rambling hills covered with lush tea plantations.

Rancabali, tea estate west java
The rolling hills of Rancabali.
Rancabali, tea plantation west java
Rancabali Tea Estates

Just a little further south, you’ll find Situ Patengan – a pretty mountain lake and the heart of a popular Sundanese legend.

Situ Patengan, bandung attraction
Situ Patengan

Situ means “lake” in Sundanese, and Patengan means “searching for each other.” So, it’s “the lake of searching for each other.”

There was a prince named Ki Santang who fell in love with a beautiful village girl who was the reincarnation of the Goddess Dewi Rengganis, but they were separated. They had dedicated their lives to searching for each other, and one day, by chance, they were reunited on this spot.

Situ Patengan, bandung attraction
The lake of searching for each other.

To celebrate their love for each other, Dewi Rengganis asked her prince to build her this lake, to put a heart shaped island in its center, and to build her a boat so she could get to the island.

Today, young lovers come from far and wide to receive a blessing from the “love stone” that marks the spot where Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis were reunited, then to circle the heart shaped island in a boat, thus ensuring their love will endure forever.

To get to Kawah Putih, Rancabali, and Situ Patengan, you’ll need to hire a car from Bandung. It’s a bit expensive – around Rp.500,000 for the day, but it’s a beautiful day.