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Jakarta to Bandung

Of all the options to get from Jakarta to Bandung, the train is the best option. Other options include flying (Rp.250,000), public bus (Rp.40,000), mini bus (Rp.70,000), or metered taxi (Rp.500,000).

Gabbir Station Jakarta
The Parahyangan Express at Gambir Station in Jakarta

I like the train because it’s relaxing, and the scenery is beautiful. The Parahyangan Express (Rp. 65,000 executive class, three hours) passes through Jakarta’s suburbs, then cuts through the West Javan hills; providing a completely different perspective than road travel. The executive class is a bit more expensive than business class but they don’t allow vendors who get on and off the train into executive class, so it’s a lot more peaceful.

Parahyangan Express from Jakarta to Bandung

Jakarta to Bandung by Train

Train to Bandung

Train from Jakarta to Bandung

Getting to Gambir train station in Jakarta is very easy from Central Jakarta. It’s best to go a couple of days ahead of time and buy the ticket.

When buying the ticket, go to the counter to the right of the ticket window where you’ll find forms to fill out. Fill in your name (nama), address (alamat), phone (tlfn), departure point (dari mana), destination (ke mana), name of train (nama kereta), date (tanggal), and time (jam) desired. All the train information can be found on the signs above the ticket window, or from timetables on the counter. It’s all in Bahasa Indonesian, so have a means to translate handy.

Arriving in Bandung’s train station is straight forward. When you leave the station, you’ll be besieged by dodgy, overpriced taxi drivers. There are no metered taxis in sight, but if you walk straight through the parking lot to the main street, there will be Blue Birds, and Putras who will take you to where you want to go on the meter, costing half what the guys in the train station want.